Radbahn Berlin










Client: Reallabor Radbahn gUG
Design team: fabulism GbR + LYSANN SCHMIDT landscape architecture (subcontractor)
Our role: support for LP1-4 and participation process
Address: Berlin, Germany
Date: from 2022
Area: 1800 m²

Unlike other subways, the U1 runs partly as an elevated railway through the capital. The space under this viaduct is now to be transformed into a place for cyclists and local residents. Where today mainly pigeons and cars make the space their own, in future cyclists will be able to ride protected from the weather, independent of the rest of the traffic and along green landscapes. 

For the Reallabor Radbahn, the initiators of the project, the involvement of residents is very important. Therefore, an online participation and three participation workshops have already taken place in Berlin, in which we also participated. In addition to that, we used the Radbahn Aktionstage to work with residents of Kreuzberg to transform the first two parking spaces into green planting beds.

Other projects with citizen participation that we have worked on include the primary school in Wismar and the art playground in Rostock.