About us


As landscape architect with more than 10 years of experience, I’ve been working on a variety of different scale exteriors and urban spaces. After completing an initial degree in architecture and urban planning in Hamburg (Germany), I continued my studies at the University of Greenwich in London, working on town planning and brown field redevelopment projects. After completing my diploma, I joined EDAW where I participated on the master plans for the London 2012 Olympics and Kings Harbour in Liverpool. It was during my EDAW period, when I met Diala Haddad, Director at the French landscape office DPAYSAGE. From 2005 onwards, Paris became my new home and work place and I became associate at DPAYSAGE in 2008, supervising numerous projects, particularly overseas.

2015 felt to be the right moment to move on… after London and Paris, Berlin was the place to be. Since then, I share my time between Berlin, where I also teach, and Wismar at the Baltic coast. The interplay between divers city and wide landscape is source for inspiration and simultaneously strengthen my focus on the essential. No matter where, I am always looking forward to collaborate with multi-disciplinary design teams that are let by sustainable and social awareness. In order to create sustainable projects integrating landscape, infrastructures and architecture, the following points form the framework of my design approach:

  • Every site (river banks, brown field site, a gap site…) can tell stories. To discover these (hi)stories, to reveal a red thread and continue spinning this thread, this is my motivation and claim for my work.
  • Successful projects need dialogue and communication (sometimes with cross-cultural and international capabilities) between the various stake holders: authorities, investors, associations, future users, environmentalists, residents, … Listening and integrating comments and objections are an integral part of the design process.
  • A submitted competition or a completed construction are the result of team work… between the client and the designers, between collaborators of the design team (including various specialists), between the contractor and the site architect.