Kindergarden Talleweg Paderborn




Client: City of Paderborn + Building management Paderborn
Design team: Lysann Schmidt (landscape architect) + fabulism (landscape architects) +     Marocco Fabian Reinsch Architekt
result: competition 3rd Price
My role: landscape architect
Location: Paderborn, Germany
Date: 2020
Surface: 4.700 m2

The design for the playground of the new Kita Talleweg has a really strong relation to the sourrounding area and the local particularities of Paderborn Marienloh. The River Lippe was renatured from 2005-2014 and it`s very near to the site. The formerly straight course of the river has been adjusted to the natural shape with meanders, islands and breakthroughs by flooding. This natural river landscape was the inspiration for the design of the outside area.

Based on the shapes of the Lippe, we created a hilly Play-path on the site. It winds dynamically across the property, creating exciting spaces that invite the children to play. The colourful path forms a circular route with sandpits and Infiltration beds inside. On the outside of the path, a landscape out of gently rising hills is build. It works like a barrier to the neighbours and on the other hand, it enables the children to look into the near nature reserve over the fence that borders the property. The hilly path makes up an interesting playground with his own topography. At the same time the meanders of the path makes it possible to separate the different groups of children without using visible barriers.