Eichenhof Wieck


Design team: Lysann Schmidt (landscape architects) + Möhring Architekten (architecture)
Location: Wieck a. Darß, Germany
Date: 2020-2021
Result: BDA Prize M-V category residential buildings
Surface: 1.650 m²

This property is located in the established centre of the Bodden community of Wieck on the Fischland /Darß/Zingst peninsula. It is bordered residential streets on three sides which slope downwards past them, thus forming a plateau on which the houses stand close together a group. This gives the project an eminent position within its surroundings and separates it from the public space without visible boundaries.

The open space is designed in such a way that it complements the topography of the site and encloses it with a low sloping wall and adjacent planted embankment. The path system that surround the houses connect the internal cloakrooms to the outdoor gardens development. The multi-stemmed birch trees give shade and, with their white trunks, form a striking contrast to the dark rendered façade of the houses. Hilly beds of species-rich perennials and grasses are planted to separate the plateau and structure the private gardens between the buildings.