Wettbewerb HAID Park Freiburg






Client: Strabag Real Estate
Design team: bdsarchitects (Hochbau) + LYSANN SCHMIDT landschaftsarchitektur
Address: Freiburg, Germany
Date: 2022
Area: 1,4 ha
Type of project: competition

HAID Park is a modern and, above all, green business park that complements the green spaces around Freiburg as a new piece of the puzzle. Barrier-free outdoor space design, easy orientation and the strong link to the architecture make HAID Park an outdoor facility that can be used in a variety of ways. The park offers plenty of space for community interaction and outdoor exercise, as well as chilled areas to retreat alone or take a break in the greenery. Inspired by the nearby Mooswald, most of the green space is planted with lawn mixed with moss. Lichens and mosses bind large amounts of carbon dioxide, they have a great impact on the global cycle of materials and influence the climate on site. In the shade of the newly planted trees, the moss on the ground invites people to sit down, and it is also used in the greening of facades, where it has a temperature-regulating effect. The vegetation is complemented by large planted deep beds along the paths. The beds and the large central plaza are used for rainwater retention. A species-rich and native plant selection ensures that native wildlife is also supported. Especially in commercial areas, flowering plants can ensure that endangered species such as bees, bumblebees or butterflies, which are threatened with extinction, once again find a habitat.