Natural bath Tellingstedt





Client: Municipality of Tellingstedt
Design team: Lysann Schmidt (landscape architect) + SEHW Architekten (architects)
Location: Tellingstedt, Germany
Date: 2020
Surface: 10.000 m²

The scenic setting of the site between a green slope in the west and a piped stream in the east lead us to the decision for an open-air pool with biological water treatment. By opening the stream Mühlenau we created a meadow landscape, which defines the character of the bathing complex.

The pools create a united water surface which can be crossed by wooden walkways. Terraces lawns frame the pool on both sides und offer a leisure area. The meadow landscape with embankment rich in species enables the stream to flow in its natural form und can also absorb water, for example at heavy rainfall events. By adding gravel areas and coarse stones we also create an improved habitat for indigenous plants and animals. The biological water treatment of the open-air pool does not only make a positive contribution on the city’s CO₂ balance, but also offers guests a natural bathing pleasure, which can be compared to that of a clear lake.