Middle Euphrates International Airport

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Client: Iraqi Ministry of Transport and Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority
Design team: ADPI (lead architect / engineering) and D PAYSAGE (landscape architect).
My role: Project Landscape architect (preliminary design to detailed design/tender documentation)
Location: Kerbala, Iraq
Date: 2012-2014
Surface area: 2 100 000m²

The future Middle Euphrates International Airport is set between the towns of Karbala and Al-Hillah, and will cater for pilgrims and other visitors to the region. The site is located between the fertile plains and the edge of the desert. We have taken inspiration from the duality of these two contrasting landscapes in order to develop the landscaping around the airport. Palm groves along the roads contrast with groups of desert trees that form buffer landscapes against the sand-laden shamal winds. Large dune-scapes, planted with drought tolerant species, frame the terminal buildings, drawing the eye towards it and screening of the service area. All the dunes are formed with reused material from the construction building excavations in order to maximise the use of existing resources.