Kindergarden Velten-Süd




Client: Stadt Velten
Design team: bra- Büro für architektur (architects) + Lysann Schmidt (landscape architects)
My role: Landscape architecture
Location: Velten, Germany
Date: 2020
Surface: 7.600 m²
Budget: 4,17 Mio € incl. VAT

The site is located in the centre of the large housing estate “Velten Süd”, accessibe from an east-west axis, that is connecting the neighbourhood to a pine grove. In order to orient the development of the kinder-garden in the direction of Nauener Strasse, the building is located in the North Western corner of the site with its entrance orientated towards a new neighbourhood square. In the eastern part of the site a public nature playground is separated from the project area, so that not only the children from the centre but also the neighbourhood children can profit from this new public area equipped with a sliding hill. In Hermann-Aurel-Zieger-Straße new groups of trees are being laid out in order to connect the sidewalks and the path system in the existing pine grove. The kiss-and-go zone is located within the side strip between the street and the day-care centre close to the main entrance. From the historical trace of clay mining and the strict embankments that have been used traditionally, we developed landscape topographies that serve as a boundary and also for playing. The main design element is the „Pötterberg“, a hill in which various play elements are integrated: open slides, tunnel slides, climbing aids such as ropes, handles and net structures, trampolines and a climbing tower. The “Green Rooms” within the building offer additional space for quiet activities and gardening.