Human Rights Plaza




Client: Ville de Tremblay-en-France
Design team: D PAYSAGE (lead landscape architects), OGI (bet vrd), Fourrier-Tirard (architects)
My role: Project Landscape architect for D PAYSAGE
Location: Tremblay-en-France, France
Date: 2010
Surface area: 4 000m²
Budget: 1.5M € excl. VAT

The Human Rights Plaza is a central pedestrian area that sits over a vast multi-storey car park. This elevation above the natural terrain gives it a rather confidential and introverted feel. Its administrative, cultural and commercial functions make it a key player in reconstructing the urban fabric. Our approach is to emphasise its advantages by restoring the link between the elevated plaza and with the ground level of the town, making it accessible to all Tremblay residents. The paving pattern plays a major role in the design as it connects the surrounding façades, develops into wide shallow steps and access ramps inviting the public into the heart of the new town centre and integrates successfully the elevator and stairwells of the underground car park. In the centre of the plaza and set with the paving pattern the ground lifts into a rectangular green carpet sloping towards the theatre: a green amphitheatre facing the theatre. The lighting is integrated into the hardscape layout, accompanying the footsteps of the passing public in a discreet and playful way. These lighting markers are bright and coloured at night, also stand out during the daytime in a more subtle way.