A woodland in the heart of an office project




Client: Les Nouveaux Constructeurs
Design team: CFA (architects), D PAYSAGE (landscape architects), RBS (structural & civil engineering), CTH (mep engineering), Spooms (canteen consultant), CEEF (facade), EXECO (cost consultant), Lamoureux (acoustic engineering)
My role: Project Landscape architect (concept design to planning application)
Location : Champs sur Marne, France
Date: 2014-2015
Surface area : 11 000m²
Budget: 45 000 000 € HT excl. VAT

Located between two woodlands the site is part of an ecological corridor. The 19th century beeches and oaks on the site itself, are the historic remains of a former woodland. Therefore, propose to renew the forest on the site and to make it a characteristic element of the office project. Species that you typically find in the adjacent woodland are planted in the central space between the buildings and on the esplanades that give access to the offices and link the project to its neighbourhood. Underneath the trees a carpet of understory vegetation, that is also brought to the esplanades in form of geometric islands, will unify the overall project. The water retention basins, that are part of a sustainable urban rainwater management approach, are set in a clearing of the woodland, allowing for a rich planting palette to thrive in this open space. A central footpath crosses woodland and clearing and allows for easy pedestrian access.