PARK(ing) DAY 2022







Park(ing) Day is a global experiment in which people displace parked cars from their places and occupy parking spaces for one day. There are no limits to the imagination. Around the world, residents are transforming parking spaces into street caf├ęs, seating areas, rolling lawn gardens and playgrounds.

As an office community, we also participated in Park(ing) Day for the second time to show how much space is “normally” taken up by cars. With the slogan: “City for people instead of cars!” you could play board games, listen to live music and enjoy delicious bratwurst and cake thanks to our fellow campaigners from Lachs von Achtern in Wismar’s old town in front of the __metzgerei.

We like to participate in actions like the Park(ing) Day with our team and think it is important to show how traffic areas can be used differently and to question how much space should be given to car traffic.