Meadow Burial field in Rostock

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Client: Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock
Design team: Lysann Schmidt

Location: Rostock, Germany
Date: since 2020
Surface: 1.100 m2
costs: 120.000 € (without tax)

 In contrast to the neighbouring burial grounds, which are arranged in strict grids, the new “Meadow grave field” at the western Cemetery in Rostock is characterised by swinging paths and an arrangement of the graves as a “meadow theatre”. The orientation of the graves is chosen in such a way that the neighbouring fields becomes the stage setting for the cemetry. By specifying the size and type of stone for the possible gravestones, a uniform design is created in the cemetery that nevertheless offers sufficient individuality for the users.

Between the graves, there are occasional rotating stools that visitors can orient to the adjacent grave. A circular space with a water basin and a round bench is located at the high point of the complex, which can be reached via a path directly from the cemetery road. From this individually designed round bench, which also integrates watering can storage in the backrest, the view can wander into fields in the distance. The grave field is framed by beds planted with grasses and newly planted trees such as golden robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’) and bird cherries (Prunus avium ‘Plena’).

At the same time, we also planned the “Historic children’s burial ground” in Rostock.