Green Harold Bay




Client: City of Paderborn + Building management Paderborn
Design team: Lysann Schmidt (landscape architects) + fabulism (landscape architects) + Paul Raphael Schägner (architect)
Result: Urban design competition 1st price
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Date: 2020
Surface: 27.000 m²

The design of the outside space is based on the concept of the „Blaugrüner Ring“ as a local cultural landscape. The landscape will be recreated by placing the buildings on the south side and by relocating traffic flows arround the site. The traffic on Haroldstrasse will be reduced to trams and buses on the property, those enabling a green cross connection between the Rhein and Schwanenspiegel.

The connection to the existing water surfaces is established by opening the Düssel between Speeschem Graben and Schwanenspiegel and creating the Green Harold Bay with organically shaped meadows, trees and water features.

The green bay is complemented by a network of paths, entrance areas and a large public square with a water surface and a playground. The small-scale organic structure, slows down the flow of movement and social interaction. It forms an opposite to the anonymous car lanes in the south.