Competition Fennpfuhler Tor Berlin





Client: HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH, OTTO WULFF Projektentwicklung GmbH, BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH
Design team: MLA+ (Architecture) + LYSANN SCHMIDT landschaftsarchitektur
Date: 2023
Area: 3.000 m2

Result: 1st Price

In this urban open planning competition, we dedicated the concept for the open spaces entirely to the question: “How can the population of the city of Berlin be supplied with environmentally friendly and regionally produced food?”. For the landscape of existing but also new urban neighborhoods, this means an opportunity for further multicoding in the sense of green-blue infrastructure. The design should contribute to the development of open spaces in the new neighborhood as well as those of the existing settlement structure towards a productive landscape.
The landscape in the Fennpfuhler Tor area was used for decades for food production for the Berliners. Over time, a belt of deciduous colonies developed outside the Ringbahn, particularly dense north of Storkower Strasse. Especially during the two world wars, the allotment gardens played a nutritional role.
Within the development, the theme of “productive landscape” should be especially tangible in the green spaces. Therefore, orchards are planned on open meadows, inviting both residents and visitors from the adjacent office buildings to harvest. The private green spaces on the roofs are then only available to the direct residents of the property. The areas, which are structured and parceled out by hedge strips, can be rented by residents in addition to their apartments to grow vegetables, herbs or fruit hedges. The additional extensive green roofs make a valuable contribution to biodiversity. The “green edge” is designed into a lower urban sports landscape with new trees and allows flooding, intermediate storage and infiltration of excess rainwater during heavy rainfall.