Art-Playground Rostock






Client: Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock
Design team: Lysann Schmidt Landschaftsarchitektur
My role: project manager / workshop moderator
Location: Rostock, Germany
Date: 2019
Surface: 1.500 m²
Budget: 320.000 € incl. VAT

During a workshop in and around the existing playground in Linzer Straße, children discussed and played with us before drawing their own visions for the future playground refurbishment. Starting from that afternoon spent together we took their inspirations and drawings with us into the office and developed from that base a site-specific preliminary design for the playground. The children’s biggest interest was in climbing, hiding and catching games…in contrast to the existing playground they longed for equipment that could make them play together  in groups. Based on the cubature of the close by art gallery (Kunsthalle) a cube system was developed for all play elements. Each cube can have closed facades, openings or climbing elements (ropes, nets …). Stacking the cubes allows for exciting game in, on and around the cubes. In collaboration with a local artist group, some of the cube facades could become graphity art to prevent  vandalism and tagging. In addition to the space-forming cubes, the children profit from new play equipment such as a 8m high tunnel slide, a cable slide of 20m length, two swings next to each other and a group of 4 trampolines. The cubes size are based on the 4x4m garden grid in front of the Kunsthalle.